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Halloween 2017 | Lilo + Stitch


My littles finally said yes to a Lilo and Stitch costume! I’ve been wanting to pair them as this cute duo for a while. Lucky for me a few weeks before Halloween they were watching it non-stop. For Belle’s costume I re-used her Moana top that I made last year. She had a green tutu from a few years ago that still fit well. The green leaf garland I found at Target in the dollar bins for $3. Noah’s Stitch costume I ordered on Amazon for $23. The costume arrived very timely and it’s incredibly soft! FYI they also make adult sizes, you’re welcome. The Nani and David costumes were what we had on hand and I just sewed a heart on my top from some scrap fabric I had. The kids had a blast this year and I’ve already been racking my brain for next years costumes! Hopefully we can do these family costumes a few more years before they start rebelling on me and want to pick out their own. Hope everyone had a fun Halloween this year! Cheers!

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